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Who would be left standing?

Poll #270920 Wireless Telecommunications Title Match

If it came to blows....

AT&T Wireless Services
Cingular Wireless

Being that I now have a special hatred towards one of the above companies, I'd like to see who would get their ass whooped if they ever came to blows. Call it a "Hostile Take Over" if you must, but who would be left standing?
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didn't Cingular recently buyout AT&T wireless? or was that another wireless competitor that they bought out...

either way, if Cingular went down i'd have to get a new plan, and i'm too lazy to switch
They bought ATT. However, the merger has not gone through yet.

ATT could defend themselves against a housefly in my opinion.
could or couldn't

or are you comparing Cingular to a housefly?

i gotta admit, their logo kinda looks like a squashed housefly
err... couldn't. See? that's how much of a distaste I have for them. they make me so angry that I forget how to spell in my native language.
Cingular would totally win.

1. AT&T's logo is a ball. Cingular's mascot is a weird asterisk with a head. Asterisks are pointy. Balls are not. Pointy wins.

2. AT&T has commercials that don't make me want to claw my brain out. Cingular's commercials make my neural passages shrivel into nothingness with how inane and retarded they are. It's like some sort of secret attack.

3. AT&T sucks balls. Well, so does Cingular, but ATTWS sucks sweaty nutsack through a garden hose. Nuff said.